Reusable practice. Why is good

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September 17, 2018
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Reusable practice. Why is good

Inthis 21st century, buying new and improved products seems to be the new trend. Weare constantly trying to get the latest gadget, most fashionable clothes, prettiestshoes, fastest cars and so on. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself: whathappens to the old ones?

Mosttimes, the so-called “old stuff” end up as environmental waste causing havoc onour ecosystem, destroying Mother Earth furthermore. The vast majority of themare dumped in rivers and landfill, where they can take up to 400years todecompose.

Andguess what? The majority of the world population doesn’t know about thisproblem, and the majority of those who know, don’t really care.

Let’shelp create awareness and combat the demise social media has produced by creatingan imperious attractiveness for “the always the newest, always the updated and specialproducts”

Hence,the concept of reusable practice. Reusable practice is aimed at considerably reducingthe amount of waste created, by making sure things are reused as much aspossible until disposed off as waste. It also involves finding ways to reuse anobject before throwing it away as waste. Reusable practice is an initiative tohelp save the world. It is an initiative that includes everyone, from baby toadult.

Areport by Worldwatch Institute and The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)sais that 7,000 gallons of water, 380 gallons of oil, 4000 kilowatts of energy,3 cubic yards of landfills and 17 trees are saved solely from the recycling andreuse of one ton of recycled paper.

Justlook at the numbers from the reuse and recycling of paper alone. If we all(from babies to adults) could just substitute:

–    Paper towels, for reusable towels,microfiber kitchen towels or cloths

–    Plastics bags, for reusable bags

–    Plastics bottles, for reusable bottles

Bydoing this simple adjustment, you can help saving Mother Earth; saving moremoney because most of this reusable products cost less compared to the other;and help the recycling and reuse industry.

So,the next time you’ll want to buy some new later-disposable products, consider reusable!

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