10 Tips for a waste free party

Wondering how to have a waste-free party? Are you looking for tips to help you make your next party a zero waste party?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this article is for you.

We all know how stressful planning party can be. If you are not careful, it will drain a hole in your wallet, and at the end of the party, there will be a large pile of waste.

But it doesn’t have to be so! With a little tweak in your planning, you can have a zero waste party.
In this blog post, I will be sharing with you 12 tips to have a zero waste party.

 Here are the tips:

1. Forget the tradition invitation card: Do you know that paper accounts for 25% of landfill waste and 33% of municipal waste. Please don’t add to that! Use email and phone calls to invite people to your party, thereby reducing paper waste. 

2. Let your Guest Informed: Inform your guests before hands that it is going to be a waste-free party, by doing this they will be better prepared for the party and also they will know the type of gift that’s is acceptable (only sustainable, reusable and recyclable gifts).

3. Keep The decoration Simple: Use organic materials to decorate your environment for the party.
Flowers, herbs and twig are organic plants that can add beauty to your environment and they are 100% compostable.
Consider going for natural and reusable materials that will beautify your environment without any adverse environmental effect.

4. Keep it clear: Give clear instructions to your guests on how to keep the party waste-free, don’t assume they know. Label each recyclable containers, and give instructions on where to dispose of leftovers food, where to place a dirty plate and so on, by doing these you will reduce waste considerably.

4. Use reusable cups: Use reusable and recyclable cups, instead of using plastic cups. Reusable cups are cheap and easy to clean. It helps to avoid increasing the amount of waste on the planet.

5. Use reusable bags: When planning for a party, remember to keep a reusable bag with you especially when going for grocery shopping. Using a reusable bag for all your shopping will help reduce the amount of waste generated.

6. Use reusable food storage containers:  Do not use plastic wrap, plastic bags, and aluminium foil to package leftovers food. They will add to the global waste, and that is not good for the environments, instead use reusable food storage containers.

7. Use reusable napkins:  Reusable napkins are more absorbent and generally useful than paper napkins. Paper napkins are not recyclable or reusable, so avoid having them in your party or else they will cause a large pile of waste at the end of the party.

8. Use reusable straws: 500 million plastic straws are used daily in the US. I believe you don’t want to add to that statistics, use bamboo straws instead, they are reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly.

9. Use placemats instead of plastic table cover: Choice organic placemats over tablecloths. They make your table look beautiful and stylish, and the best part of it is that you can wash it, and use it again.

10. Place recyclables in their proper recycle bin: Remember;  Yellow is for clinical waste, Purple is for cytotoxic waste, Green/Black/Buff/White is for general waste and Red is for radioactive waste. Put each recyclable bin with its appropriate colour for easy identification.

During the process of the party, you might make a bit of trash more than you intended. But remember to forgive yourself, you will do better next time, we are all human.

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