Top 6 Eco Trends for 2019

Concern about the environment continues unabated, but researchers and everyday citizens of the Earth are waking up to new ideas and technologies to counter the growing problems with climate change and pollution. In 2019, these eco trends hit the front page of environmental consciousness and green living.

1 – An End to Plastic? Alternate Materials

As off-short recycling takes a hit, companies looking for alternatives to plastic have a greater impetus than ever to find a solution. With 8 million metric tons of plastic thrown into the ocean every year, biodegradable packaging and products are at the forefront of the green movement. Besides things like glass and canvas tote bags, companies are creating alternate materials from waste products like grape skins, natural polyesters, and corn starches.

2 – Renewable and Alternative Energy

Entire countries in Europe are going green with alternative energy in the near future. With more affordable options in solar and wind energy production, people are taking control of their own systems rather than leaving it all up to the government or large companies. Local microgrids also gained popularity.

3 – Minimalism and Anti-Consumerism Mindset

More people are turning away from overt consumerism in the new year and toward a simpler and more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Buying less, smaller homes, and less waste fill a consumer’s mind. This expands into the desire for less packaging and support for companies that waste less.

4 – Smart Buildings and Construction

Smart homes and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to grow in popularity. They are eco-friendly due to increased efficiency of HVAC and other systems. To counter all these new electronics, more construction companies and developers turn to ecologically sound building techniques and new materials with fewer potential pollutants.

5 – Eco-Tourism and Low-Impact Travel

Besides vacationing in environmentally interesting areas, more travelers in 2019 take into account what impact their visit will have on the local ecology. The Booking website’s recent survey found that 86% of respondents would adopt green protocols or even volunteer for eco-friendly activities while on vacation.

6 – Electric and Self-Driving Vehicles

Driverless cars consume less fuel, wear out more slowly, and decrease overall pollution. Combine them with electric or alternative fuel vehicles, and you have a great eco-friendly trend for 2019 and the future.

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