6 Reasons to use stainless steel in your kitchen

Stainless Steel is the most used material in commercial kitchens. It has a series of properties that makes it a great replacement not only for plastic containers, but also for other commonly used metal alloys that usually contain nickel, a harmful metal.

We have gathered here 6 main reasons why you should be using stainless steel in your kitchen:

1.It is 100% reusable and recyclable. Most of stainless steel is comprised of 90% recycled metal; and once a stainless steel product has served its purpose, it will be re-purposed into a new one. Buying stainless steel products you’ve become a little bit more eco-friendly and helped sustained recycling.

2.Durable – Although it might seem expensive than other materials at first sight, stainless steel is actually cheaper on the long run.It is corrosive resistant and even with intense usage, it will keep it shine over long period of time and will always look new.

3.Hygienic – Stainless steel is nonporous, making it one of the most hygienic materials. It does not support the growth of bacteria or any pathogens. It does not react to food, nor changes its taste. Due to its corrosion resistance, it can be safely used with acidic foods. No danger of leaching harmful chemicals, or transfer any funny tastes into food.

4.Easy handling – Stainless steel does not require that extra attention even after a challenging cooking session. Greasy surfaces, burnt bottoms and spicy gravy stains it can handle all. And is easy to clean too.

5.Versatility – Stainless steel cookware and surfaces are perfect for all kind of cooking techniques and volumes of food and it also look good! It is the preferred material for live cooking experiences.

6.Easy to clean – it is easier to clean and, most importantly, it does not scratch easily. It really doesn’t take much to keep your cookware looking good with stainless steel. One of the best stainless steel cleaners are white vinegar&baking soda. Cheap and eco-friendly.

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