Condor Bazar is a family run online shop founded in 2017.

We have traveled around the globe and almost everywhere we have been surrounded by plastic and plastic waste. We also realized that people are using plastic because is convenient and easy to use. So to make a change a valid alternative must be provided and this is why Condor Bazar is now trying to offer real alternatives to plastic goods.

 We are focused in sourcing reusable goods from sustainable materials.  We have joined the race of replacing single use plastic and we believe that  making it easy for everyone to replace their everyday items with sustainable and recyclable versions is our way of making a difference. The change should not be painful but simple and pleasant.

 If you are at the beginning of your eco life or just started planning, we are here to help you with solutions and advice. You can subscribe using the box bellow to receive new tips and ideas or you can reach us by email at hello@condorbazar.com to ask us anything, tell us what we should improve or just to say hello.

Have a happy eco life!